Monday, August 26, 2013

Some people will lie to you.  Remember, an honest enemy is better than a friend who lies.  Pay less attention to what people say, and more attention to what they do.  Their actions will show you the truth, which will help you measure the true quality of your relationship in the long-term.

Hmmm - but what about someone who you thought was a friend who turned into an enemy who also lied about you in order to intentionally hurt you?  That hurts. A lot.  Lesson learned: some people were never worth your love. Period.  Don't let them keep you from being honest.  And, they will never be honest, nor will they be anyone's friend.  They are good at pretending to be what they are not.  I would rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I am not.  I think I get it now. But -  I will still always be honest, and I will always be a good friend.  Mostly, I feel sorry for someone who can't be honest, even to themselves.  You are your own best friend, and if you can't be honest with yourself, then how could you ever be honest to a friend?   Have I changed? Yes. I have learned things about others I wish I had not. But I will still always be honest.  I will always be true to myself. First.  My most valuable lesson learned the last 7 years.

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